The basics of DB2 programming in COBOL

  • Introduction to DB2 and embedded SQL
  • How to retrieve DB2 data from a single table
  • How to modify DB2 tables
  • How to use unions and joins

Other programming essentials

  • How to use advanced selection conditions
  • How to use column functions
  • How to use the data manipulation features
  • How to use variable length data and nulls
  • How to use subqueries
  • How to use the features for error processing
  • How to maximize locking efficiency

Program development skills

  • How to use DB2I to prepare and run programs
  • How to develop programs outside DB2I
  • How to use SPUFI
  • How to use QMF to update tables

Advanced DB2 concepts

  • OS/390 and data sharing concepts
  • Advanced locking concepts

Advanced DB2 programming techniques

  • How to use dynamic SQL
  • How to work with distributed data
  • How to create and execute stored procedures

DB2 in CICS programs

  • CICS concepts and terminology for DB2 programmers
  • Basic CICS/DB2 programming techniques
  • How to browse DB2 data in a CICS program

Database administration

  • How to design a DB2 database
  • How to manage DB2 objects with SQL's Data Definition Language
  • THow to use DB2's commands and utilities
  • How to extract information from DB2's catalog tables
  • How to get performance analysis data using the EXPLAIN statement

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